• Drafting and negotiation of contracts governed by the civil and commercial codes.
  • Corporate structures: Joint ownership, public limited companies, limited liability companies, worker-owned companies and professional partnerships.
  • Property guidance for buying and selling, swaps, future sales, purchase options, leases of residential property, businesses, business premises, parking spaces and tenancies at will.
  • Claiming and collecting debts.
  • Evicting lessees and other actions under Spain’s Urban Letting Act.
  • Insolvency proceedings, unfair competition, breach of contract.
  • Successions: drawing up wills, succession agreements, distribution of estates and payment of municipal taxes (capital gains) deriving from them and registration.
  • Gifts between family members and others.
  • Amicable and contested separations and divorces.


  • Carrying out various procedures before the labour courts.
  • Labour: Dismissals, penalties, procedure regarding annual leave, balancing family and work, changes to working hours, reduced working hours, sick leave, maternity leave etc., changes of position or workplace, substantial changes to working conditions, damages, FOGASA (wages guarantee fund).
  • Social Security: Retirement, disability, workplace accidents, challenging statements of fitness for work.
  • Individual and collective negotiations.
  • Collective dismissals.
  • Challenging infraction and liquidation reports by the Work Inspectorate and other bodies.
  • Appeals to different labour courts (court of first instance, high court, supreme court, constitutional court and foreign courts).


  • Administrative and disciplinary proceedings pursued by any public authority.
  • Immigration processes.
  • Proceedings before the courts and tribunals of the administrative jurisdiction and relating to Social Security, the Tax Agency or other public bodies.