• Payment and deferment of Social Security contributions.
  • Social Security affiliation, registration and deregistration through the RED system.
  • Drawing up company calendars.
  • Personalised employment contracts with clauses adapted to the needs of business.
  • We complete the different formalities with the bodies responsible for labour matters.
  • Handling of the different temporary disability procedures.
  • Studying and applying collective bargaining agreements.
  • Analysis of the different Social Security allowances and reductions applicable to the company and workers.
  • Payroll, contributions and withholdings for workers with companies entered in the Register of Vessels and Ship-Owning Companies of the Canary Islands (REBECA).
  • Procedures for obtaining residence and work permits.


  • Legal assistance and consulting in labour negotiations, lay-off plans, disciplinary or objective dismissals and disciplinary procedures.
  • Changes of role or workplace.
  • Actions and claims before CMAC (mediation, arbitration and conciliation centres) and labour courts.
  • Negotiating and interpreting collective bargaining agreements and disputes.
  • Flexible payment, payment in kind and target-based payment.
  • Calculating and processing normal, flexible, partial, semi and early retirement benefits.
  • Calculating and processing partial, total, absolute and severe disability.
  • Calculating and processing widow’s and orphans’ benefits
  • Unemployment benefits and studying the option of receiving payments as a lump sum when becoming self-employed.
  • Registration and deregistration of self-employed people and guidance on changing contribution bases.
  • Advice on Occupational Risk Prevention.
  • Proceedings before the Work and Social Security Inspectorate.
  • Harassment and workplace compliance protocols.
  • Equality plans.
  • Processing and guidance on annual bonuses for low accident rates.
  • Labour law compliance audits.


CLIENT PORTAL: An on-line platform available on any device, accessible 24 hours a day 365 days a year.
This enables immediate and secure consultation and downloading of the company’s labour documentation.

STAFF PORTAL: An on-line platform that enables individual downloading of payslips, contracts, certificates and other documentation for each worker, adapted to any device.
It enables the secure and certified supply of payslips and other documentation.

Studying and presenting social security contributions in the different schemes and resolving incidents with the SILTRA system acting as authorised in the RED System.

Guidance and process of preparing personalised payslips.